Structure Formation in Polymeric Fibers

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Author: David R Salem

Book Contents
Variations on a Theme of Uniaxial Orientation.
Structure Formation During Melt Spinning.
Advances in the Control of Spinline Dynamics for Enhanced Properties.
Structure Formation During Drawing of Flexible Chain Polymers.
Basic Aspects of Solution(Gel)-Spinning and Ultra-Drawing of PE-UHMW.
Electrospinning and the Formation of Nanofibers.
Fibers from Liquid Crystalline Polymers·
Solvent Spun Cellulose Fibers.
Carbon Fibers.
Fibers from Electrically Conductive Polymers.
Fibers from Polymer Blends and Copolymers.
Thermomechanical Processing: Structure and Properties.
Microstructure Characterization.
Fiber Formation and the Science of Complexity.

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