Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

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Publisher: Rubber World & TechnoBiz
Author : Multiple Contributors
Book Price: 50 US$/Copy
Year: 2018


  1. Introduction to TPEs
  2. Meeting the design challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare industry with high-performance TPEs Viscoelastic SEBS TPEs
  3. Advances in TPE SBC compounding for cables
  4. Achieve PVC properties in new medical TPE compounds
  5. Twin screw extrusion for TPE-TPO-TPU-TPV production
  6. Sustainable reinforced unfilled poly (phenylene-ether) based TPEs
  7. Thermo- and photo-oxidative behavior of poly (phenylene ether) based TPEs
  8. Improved stabilizers for TPEs
  9. Specialty TPE compounds for medical applications
  10. Pure monomer resins for TPE compounding
  11. Foams with TPE compounds
  12. Choosing the right TPE supplier to facilitate automotive manufacturing in emerging markets
  13. Heat aging performance of TPEs
  14. Failure analysis of a thermoplastic elastomer: Melt flow index method provides critical data
  15. Bonding solutions for styrenic block copolymer TPE medical tubing
  16. Twin screw extrusion scale-up: The bump in the road between TPE development and commercialization
  17. Silicone vs. TPE: How to make the right choice
  18. Choosing the right TPE: The seven essential considerations
  19. Thermoplastic elastomer compounds for consumer electronics
  20. Novel thermoplastic elastomers with shape memory effect


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