Plastics Products Manufacturing

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Plastics Products Manufacturing
Author: Dr. James Throne
Published: 2017

Chapter 1 : What Questions Must We Ask Before We Decide to Make our Plastic Product?
Chapter 2 : What are Plastics, Anyhow?
Chapter 3 : How do We Convert Those Plastics into Moldable States?
Chapter 4 : How do We Shape the Plastics into Commercial Products?
Chapter 5 : What is Meant by Ancillary Equipment and Why do We Need It?
Chapter 6 : Are There Ways of Making Plastic Products More Attractive to the Customer?
Chapter 7 : How is it Possible to Match All Those Plastics and All that Machinery to Our Application?
Chapter 8 : And What About Design?
Chapter 9 : How do We go About Testing the Product for Our Customer?
Chapter 10 : Can We See Some Examples of Plastics Competing with Other Materials?


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