Cost Reduction in Rubber Processing

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EDITOR: Hans-Joachim Graf
CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Freitag, Andreas Limper, Anil Skariah, Armin Niehaus, Axel Potthoff, Gerard Nijmann, Gerd Schmaucks, Hans-Joachim Graf, Ian Wilson, Jacob Peled, Jan Schiemann, Martin Schuermann, Michael Larkin, Peter Ryzko, Peter Steinl, Peter Uth, RJ Del Vecchio, Robert Achatz, Roopa S, Timo Gebauer, Van Walworth, Volker Groth
Pages: 286 pages
Print: Hardbound
Year: 2014
Price: 250 US$ /Copy

SECTION 1 : General Considerations
1. Cost Cutting as Driving Force: Economic Considerations
2. Overhead Cost Reduction in Rubber Manufacturing
3. Rubber Product Quality Cost
4. Holistic Approach to Cost Savings in the Rubber Industry
5. Design of Experiments (DoE): An Excellent Cost Cutting Tool

SECTION 2 : Raw Materials
6. Cost Comparison between Molded Rubber and TPV Parts
7. Material Cost Reduction in Rubber Processing
8. Rubber Recycling: A Solution to a Threat
9. Effect of Thermoset Waste Powder on Cure Characteristics, Physico-Mechanical and Swelling Properties of Natural Rubber/Styrene Butadiene Rubber Vulcanizates
10. Specialty Silica for Processing Improvement and Reduction of Mixing Energy

SECTION 3: Machinery & Molds
11. Cost Reduction in the Rubber Mixing Room
12. Cost Reduction vs Rubber Compound Filtration
13. Injection Molding Machines: Contribution to Cost Reduction
14. Material and Energy Efficiency in Rubber Molding

SECTION 4: Processing & Parts
15. Understanding Complex Inter-Relationships of Rubber Processing Parameters
16. Process Cost Reduction in Rubber Injection Molding
17. Injection Molding Cost Leadership
18. Electron Beam Uses and Potential Applications for Increasing Productivity and Reduction of Manufacturing Cost
19. Cost Improvement Potentials in Tyre Manufacturing Mixing Plant

SECTION 5: Automation & Simulation
20. Simulation Tool for Cost Reduction in Rubber Processing
21. Computer Automation Systems to Reduce Processing Cost

SECTION 6: Latex Processing
22. Cost Saving Thoughts in Latex Dipping Industry

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