Training Document – Strategic Compounding with Rubber Blends (4 July 2019, Kuala Lumpur)

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Training Document – Strategic Compounding with Rubber Blends
(4 July 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
This document has presentation slides of this training program. Dr. Robert Schuster, World-Renowned Rubber Technologist is the trainer. The book is spiral-bound format with colored print of all presentation slides.

The training course is designed to those individuals who are seeking for compounds that combine physical properties of different rubbers in order to fulfill the sophisticated demands of the market. Starting from the basics of polymer compatibility the influence of molecular weight and chemical constitution of rubbers on miscibility will be presented in relation to phase morphology, phase adhesion and interfacial effects that control important physical properties of rubber blends. The use of phase compatibilizers to improve processing and compound properties will be presented. In addition, the advantages of the blend technology will be demonstrated for technological important blend systems. However, the limitations of the technology will be also addressed to avoid adverse effects that can be made in application. The course will provide a platform for reliable decisions in designing recipes to increase factory productivity, reducing costs and manufacturing defects. The course contents include
• Importance of blend technology
• Principles of polymer miscibility
• Analytical assessment of phase morphology
• Interfaces of rubber blends / phase adhesion
• Influence of chemical constitution on phase morphology
• Influence of process parameters on phase morphology
• Phase compatibilizers
• Filler distribution in rubber blends
• Vulcanization of rubber blends
• Ultimate properties and durability
• Cost reduction with rubber blends
• Future trends

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