Polyolefins + Additives | Volume 1 | E-Book

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This is E-Book of “Polyolefins + Additives 2024” Conference Proceedings with presentations of papers presented during 11-12 June 2024 in Bangkok. The following papers were presented in this conference.

SESSION 1: PFAS-Free Processing Aids and Halogen-Free Flame Retardants

Novel PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids for Polyolefins
Dr. Ahmad Arefi, Product Development Scientist, Ingenia Polymers, Canada

Advancements and Solutions in PFAS-Free Additive Technologies Revolutionizing Polyolefin Applications
Muhammad Aslam, Lead Application Development Engineer, Momentive Performance Materials, Germany

Tailoring PP Property Profiles with Biobased Fillers and HFFR
Dr. Christoph Burgstaller, Managing Director, Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH (TCKT), Austria

Intumescent Flame Retardant Technology for Polyolefins
Ryo Takane, Modifiers Solution Department R&D Engineer, Chief, Polymer Additive R&D Laboratory, ADEKA Corporation, Japan

SESSION 2: Additives and Modifiers for Enhanced Performance

Low VOC Solutions for Automotive Polyolefin Compounds
Jason Yao, General Manager, Anhui Star-Better New Material Technology, China

HYPERION – An Antimicrobial Technology for Sustainable and Hygienic Polymer and Plastic Applications
Dr. Ashish Kumar Katiyar, Metro Wealth Polymer Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Sustainable Thermoplastics and TPE as Permanent Anti-Static for Polyolefin Matrix
Atsushi Yoshitake, Regional Development Manager, ARKEMA, Singapore

Improving Thermoforming Packaging: A New Nucleating Agent Technology for PP Thermoforming Applications
Samuel James Yap, Technical Manager, Milliken Chemical, Singapore

AddWorks – The Sustainable Solution for Polyolefin Packaging
Wittawat Wongsorat, Technical Service Manager, Clariant, Thailand

SESSION 3: Polyolefin Catalyst, Rheology and Extrusion

Ziegler-Natta Polymerization Catalyst: improvement for Enhancing Cost Competitiveness and Product Quality
Worawat Chuencheep, Senior Researcher, PTT Global Chemical, Thailand

Managing Melt Temperature in a Twin Screw Compounder
Alex Utracki, General Manager, Leistritz Extrusion, Singapore

Fast, Easy, Accurate, and Reliable Rheology and Small Volume Processing in rPlastics Development: Application of Torque Rheometer and Screw Rheometer
Dr. Myung-Ho Kim, President, MKE Co., South Korea

SESSION 4: Polyolefin Recycling and Sustainability

Additives to Enable Recycling of Polyolefin Films
Niels Olde Riekerink, Sales & Business Development, Ingenia Polymers, UAE

Overcoming Gaps in Mechanical Recycling by Additive Solutions
Choprayoon Chulamanee, Senior Product Manager, Avient Corp, Thailand

Development of Environmentally-Friendly Polymer Additives Formulation for Realization of a Sustainable Society
Yuji Mitsuhashi, Assistant Manager, Adeka Corporation, Japan

Upgrading Polyolefin Recyclates with Additives for Better Performance
Dr. Christoph Burgstaller, Managing Director, Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH (TCKT), Austria

Polarfin® Compatibiliser for Mixed Plastic Recycling
Onnicha Rattanopas, Polymer Application Leader, Interface Polymers, UK

Selective Upcycling of Polypropylene Waste to Liquid Hydrocarbons for Use in Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals
Dr. Gillian Goh Kor Hwee, Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment (ISCE2), Singapore



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