LATEX Handbook

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Here are list of approved articles that will be included in this handbook. This book will be released in July 2024. The book will have 400+ pages.

Latex Prevulcanisation Technology | Dr. RK Matthan

  • Natural Rubber Latex Vulcanisation Chemistry |Dr. RK Matthan
  • Specialty Latex to meet International Standards | Joseph John
  • Latex Foam & its New Applications | Dr. Boontham Nithi-Uthai
  • GAP for Natural Rubber and GMP for Latex Collection Center |Dr. Preprame Tassanakul
  • Role of Natural Rubber Latex Nanoparticles in Tissue Engineering | Dr. Masami Okamoto
  • NR Latex & Synthetic Latex – Current Market Situation | Pong Kai See
  • Puncture Sealant based on Natural Rubber Latex | Dr. Angel J. Jimenez
  • A Loss Control Effort: Understanding Defects in a Continuous Production of Latex-based Medical Gloves | Kha Chan Ng
  • Butyl Latex for Coagulant or Straight Dipping | Dr. Sing Ling Chia
  • Heat-Sensitized Latex, Applications, and Market Opportunities | Anil Skariah
  • Latex Adhesives | Prof. Rani Joseph
  • Coarse Wool Fiber Reinforced Natural Rubber Latex Composites for Sustainable Product | Dr. Seiko Jose
  • A Novel Recycling Process for Transforming Latex Scrap into Functional Products | Mauricio de Greiff , Maria Heller
  • Wastewater Treatment and Water Recycling in Latex Products Manufacturing | Dr. Devaraj Veerasamy, Dr. Zairossanu Mohd Nor
  • Latex Doctor – Questions & Answers | Invited Experts
    • How to Develop Cleaner and Safe Latex Products | Anil Skariah
    • How to Develop Food-Contact Rubber/Latex Products | Anil Skariah
    • Importance of Leaching for Latex Products | Anil Skariah
    • Reasons for Poor Reproducibility when Doing Accelerated Ageing Tests of Rubber Products | Anil Skariah
    • A Journey through the Colorful World of Latex Balloon Manufacturing | Anil Skariah
    • New Vulcanizing Method for DUNLOP Latex Foam | Jens Szymanska
    • Embracing the Circular Economy: Transforming Natural Rubber Latex Product Manufacturing | Jose Paul Meleth
    • Application of Vulcanization Accelerator (ZPDC) in Latex Products | Jamie Xu
    • A Novel Ammonia-Free Preservation and Stabilization Process for Natural Rubber Liquid Latex in an Acidic Environment | Prof. Tim Osswald
  • Best Practices for Latex Compounding | Anil Skariah
    • Applications of an Environmentally Friendly Ammonia-Free Natural Rubber Liquid Latex | Prof. Tim Osswald
    • Technological Impetus for Nitrile Glove Manufacturing- Model for Futuristic Exist Essentials | Sajeev Joseph
    • DMAEMA-Modified NR Latex: Properties and Potential Applications | K. Vivaygananthan & Prof S.N.Gan
    • Regulatory Compliance of Medical Devices – A Pragmatic Approach | Sajeev Joseph
    • Natural Rubber Latex Films: Molecular Structure and Nano-Surface Architecture | Prof. Jitladda Sakdapipanich
    • Condom Manufacturing and Markets | Dr. Abi Santhosh Aprem
    • Aquaspersion’s Advanced Innovations: Accelerator-Free, Skin-Friendly, and Biodegradable Biopolymers in Latex Applications | Uma Devi Arumugam
    • Industrial Fabric Supported Glove Production Technology and New Trends | SN Hari
    • Requirements for Chemically Protective Gloves in the UK and Europe | Martin Heels
    • Effect of Non-Rubber Materials on Dipped Latex Products Performance | Dr. Amir Hashim
    • Concentrate Latex (60%) Markets & Pricing Parameters | Satish Abraham
    • Biomedical Applications of Natural Rubber Latex | Dr.Sethulekshmi A.S
    • Speciality Additives for latex Compound and Process Optimisation | Colin Clarke
    • Future of India’s Latex Balloon Industry | Muhammed Naizam
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